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It can seem like a daunting thing, can’t it? Committing to a renovation of nearly any kind requires you to become laser-focused for a time until its completion. Whilst there is plenty that is daunting about committing to a renovation, we would like to ease your mental unease by assuring you that most of what is daunting about it for you is what is second nature to us. That is why you hire us. Not only to do the job, but to take care of the mental heaviness that might come with the prospect of this undertaking. Trust us, we’re built for it.

The difference between a tired and deteriorating bathroom and a fresh and modern one in a home is staggering. The feedback we usually receive from our customers is not why they got it done, but why they didn’t get it done sooner. A bathroom refresh can do so much for a home; not just in terms of its visual appeal but in terms of how it lends itself to the feeling of sanctuary that every home should feel like to you. Until you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to the reno, you’ll have to trust us on that.

There are many reasons that we get called up to complete a bathroom reno. Truly, we’ve heard them all. Whether it’s because your bathroom still carries the original lime green décor of your 1970s home, or you have seen something on Pinterest or in someone else’s home that has ignited inspiration to update your own, we are ready…practically chomping at the bit, to help you see your bathroom renovations realised.

Bathroom renovations is a job that we are intricately familiar with. We have restored, enlarged, updated, and ripped out way too many a bathroom on The Beaches to be able to calculate quickly. Our point being: when you are ready to commit to the renovation, you are leaving it in very capable, experienced hands. 

As you can imagine, being Northern Beaches based, we have seen and worked on a lot of beautiful bathrooms in our time. We have also seen some stinkers. What we can assure you is that no bathroom has ever left with a lower score than that which it arrived with, after we were done with it. With aesthetic appeal and functionality as the goal posts, we get great pleasure out of kicking goals for our customers every day.

Next to bathrooms (and discounting whole-house reno’s), kitchens are the most popular request for renovation. Whilst we have also worked on a lot of these, it is our experience that the renovated bathroom is the impression that is most lasting and deeply made on visitors. Especially if your house is not open plan; not everyone visiting your home will see your kitchen – most will stop by the bathroom. 

When you’re ready, give us a call. Any one of our expert builders on team will quash any concerns you are still struggling with, and talk you through any remaining qualms you might have.

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