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Getting the most from home additions

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So, you’re living in your dream house. It has every feature you could ever desire. It’s a short commute to work and a short walk to your favourite restaurants. The car doesn’t even leave the garage on the weekend. Alas though, things do not always remain the same. This ideal two bedder now suddenly feels small with your first child on the way. Where will the grandparents stay when visiting? Do you look to move? Don’t be too hasty, the best choice might be home additions.

Home additions are a fantastic option when your home no longer suits your situation. The economic and lifestyle benefits can be significant. However, so can the costs. Home additions are a substantial investment, so it’s absolutely critical that you plan thoroughly before you even think about knocking anything up.


Here are some key things to consider before getting started:

  1. What problem are you looking to solve?

If it’s more room for a new addition to the family then this needs to be in close proximity to your master bedroom. If it’s a guest room, then maybe you want a greater level of privacy and separation from the main living space. Carefully consider how what you have now will function alongside your new vision.

  1. Figure out the look and feel.

It will cost more up front but it is highly worthwhile to involve an interior designer in this stage of planning. An expert will spot things or pose recommendations you may have never considered yourself and likely make the home additions far better than you could have ever imagined.

  1. Know your budget.

This seems glaringly obvious but it must be said. Too many home additions never see proper completion because this stage of the planning is either entirely overlooked or underestimated. Don’t let this be you. Further, allow some wiggle room with your budget, as renovations and home additions have a nasty habit of blowing out even the most tightly planned budget.

  1. What’s your timeline?

Are you working towards a specific deadline, like the birth of a child? This needs to be factored in, as materials and tradesmen may not be available whenever best suits you. If you are planning on building the home additions yourself, make sure you are honest in your appraisal of how swiftly you can pull it off.

  1. Do you need permits?

This relates pretty closely to the previous point. Permits may take a whole lot longer than you thought and can be a significant barrier to getting started on your home additions. If involving a designer or a builder, it is likely that their familiarity with this process will be highly helpful.

  1. Will I need to stay somewhere else? If so, where?

If the home additions are substantial then you and or the family may need to find alternative accommodation whilst they are being completed. Not only can this be another major cost, finding accommodation may simply be complicated due to a lack of appropriate options close by. Be sure to explore your options in this area at the earliest stages of planning.


It’s a lot to consider but don’t let it turn you off, as the potential boost to comfort and lifestyle, property value and the ability to stay in a house or location that you already love, makes home additions a great call.

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