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Kitchens: To renovate or remodel?

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The terms kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovations often get used interchangeably but there are some inherent differences. Most of these can be identified pretty quickly when outlining what your desired goals are in regards to your kitchen. However, it never hurts to sound like you know what you’re talking about when talking with those in the know. 

With kitchen renovation, you’re not messing with the basic layout and function. In this case, you don’t have any qualms with how you engage with the space. Most likely, it’s just that the fixtures, finishes and or appliances need a revamp after a lengthy duty of service. 

With kitchen remodeling, the space itself and its features will be subject to some, or many, substantial shifts. Shifting the sink to allow for some more bench space and maybe even the option of that servery window out onto the deck? Moving the stove closer to the window to allow for more natural light whilst cooking? Now you’re talking kitchen remodeling. 

Those changes just mentioned involve reconfiguring all sorts of significant elements, such as; water, electricity and possibly gas lines. As a result, this typically makes kitchen remodeling the more expensive option. Having said that, reimagining a space, particularly one as important as the kitchen can provide a huge value add to your home, both financially and via lifestyle benefits. In some cases, depending on the age of the build, kitchen remodeling may be the only option in order to align with modern building codes and standards. Beyond just codes and standards, tastes and trends in kitchen design shift and this shouldn’t be ignored. Kitchen remodeling may be the key to creating that seamless flow between your cooking and dining spaces, providing a more modern feel to your whole home.  

To renovate or remodel?

Like any project, the first consideration needs to be your budget. This may be the factor which makes the decision for you. Your grand plans to improve the functionality may be far too costly to undertake. Overcapitalising must also be considered when kitchen remodeling. If the cost of the remodeling isn’t at least equalled, or preferably exceeded, by the value added to the property, then it’s best to reconsider the whole thing. Talk to the experts when deciding what would best suit your needs. 

If you have come this far and are thinking that kitchen remodeling is what you are after, then here are the two main factors to consider as you begin your journey towards a new kitchen:

  • Layout 

Lighting, height of benches, clearance between benches, the list goes on. A dark and cramped kitchen is a bad kitchen. Involve experts in the planning stage to ensure you can move freely and see clearly in every corner of your kitchen. 

  • Materials

You might love the idea of timber flooring in the kitchen but how will it hold up against the thrills and spills that a kitchen can dish up? How will the benchtops cope with a hot pot or pan? Form and function need to come together. Again, talk to the experts before deciding on a look. 

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