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The Northern Beaches Aesthetic

Have you ever come across a house on the beaches that ticks all the boxes, but still somehow doesn’t quite fit? You can’t quite articulate what is wrong with it, but somewhere deep down, you know that it looks wrong. Perhaps the best description is that it looks like an ALDI version of a Northern Beaches house. Close, but no cigar.

LPC Projects one of the best Northern Beaches builders specialises in getting it just right. The Northern Beaches aesthetic is in our DNA: We grew up here, and have a knack for creating projects which feel authentic to this place. There are a few different principles which underpins our work.

Firstly, there must be a cohesion between design, and layout of the block. The Northern Beaches is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the best houses work with the landscape rather than against it. This is our common complaint against project homes: For the generic house plan to work, the block must be entirely stripped of character or quirk. As such, they tend to look a little soulless. The iconic Northern Beaches house feels personable and complimentary to the land. LPC Projects understands this. That’s why our projects feel like a home, not just a house.

Secondly, there is the matter of aesthetics. A hundred years ago, the Northern Beaches was just a smattering of little cottages littered across rolling green hills. You can still see the occasional echo of this when you see an old house on a quiet backstreet. The point is this: the best houses on the Northern Beaches are not imposing or ostentatious. They retain something of that beach house cottage; understated, but dignified. Now, that is not to say that the house must be small or humble. It is entirely possible to capture this aesthetic with a six bedroom double garage house. It comes down to the choices you make. This look makes use of timber, render and glass, working in a delicate balance. Any imbalance can leave the house feeling like an ALDI knock-off. But when you see it done right, you implicitly know it. It just looks right.

Finally, there is the question of craftsmanship. In an age of automation and instant gratification, the value of expertise seems to be shrinking. But at LPC, we value the old world approach to our work. There is satisfaction to be found in a job well done, and any attempt to cut a corner so that handover can come forward a few days robs us of that joy. We can still hear our fathers’ words in our ears: Measure twice, cut once… if it’s worth doing, it is worth doing right. You can see this level of quality in the overall project. Sometimes a build will look nice from far away, but when you actually sit down to enjoy it, there are uneven cuts, and corners that aren’t quite flush. Why pay all this money to be bothered by the little things that weren’t done well? It’s entirely against our ethos.

At LPC Projects, we understand the culture and aesthetic of the Northern Beaches. And it has always been our raison d’etre to deliver this to our clients. 

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